Where to eat PIZZA in Amsterdam?

Someone can say that we live in Amsterdam for a short period of time to know about good pizza places. However there are few places we can recommend you as we already tried them out:)

One of the pizza places which we tried is PIZZA Kamer

1. PIZZA Kamer


The restaurant is placed in the Pijp, it is small but very cozy place. You can also try the special pizza of the day. The main advantage of this place is that opposite of the restaurant you can find the Best ice cream in Amsterdam.

The next place is PIZZA Heart Bar.

 2. PIZZA Heart Bar


Nice and cozy place with the terrace where you can enjoy homemade pizza from wood fired oven. I tried San Daniele pizza (as always) and my partner Capricciosa, both were very good.

San Daniele Pizza at Heart Bar

The last suggestion and personal recommendation is LouLou Pizza Bar.

3. LouLou Pizza Bar


Also relatively small place with terrace and friendly staff. They use wood fired oven as well but the dough is different than in other two places.

Try it out and let us know which one is your preferred pizza!


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