Our Delicious recipe of Homemade Pesto

Pesto has a long history and here we are going to provide you with our homemade pesto recipe which has been in the family for years.

We are not from Liguria (region of pesto origin) so don’t expect the traditional recipe. This recipe is recommended based on the family tradition and it has been used for many years in our kitchen.

It is delicious, fresh and we love it!


homemade pestoSo here we go:)

What do you need: (for 4 people)

a lot of Basil approx 180g of leaves (the best is to have a plant at home or buy it fresh)

– 1-2 garlic cloves (if you don’t like garlic so much you can remove the white piece in the middle of the garlic)

– pine nuts 70-100gr

– good olive oil 140ml

– Parmigiano 60-80g

– salt and pepper

Ingredients for pesto

Mix all ingredients in the blender.


homemade pestoWe give you a special tip:

Before you start adding ingredients into the blender, we recommend putting the blender to the fridge at least for 30min. When you mix everything in the cold blender, the taste is fresher.

Another tip is used in many restaurants:

Before mixing the basil leaves, cooked them in hot water for 3sec and then immediately put them in the cold water with ice. This way the basil leaves stay with nice green colour.

Here is the final result.

Delicious and fresh. Try it out:)


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