Do you like Pasta? This is your place✌️👍🍝

We are very passionate about fresh pasta… I guess because my Italian partner eat pasta since he was born😋

Since we moved to Amsterdam this year, we were looking for place with freshly made pasta which would remind us bit of Italian food.

We found it!


There are 5 restaurants in Amsterdam and 2 in Utrecht. We always go to the one in Pijp:


Van Woustraat 123, 1074 AH Amsterdam
020 000 0000

You can find 5 – 6 different types of pasta dishes which is changed once a while. There is extra salad available if you want to add it to the pasta dish, but there are no starters or anything else than pasta dish.

They only focus on the pasta so I really recommend it when you feel like eating fresh pasta.


We went to have pasta last week (October) and this was the Menu on that day.

I opted in for Spaghetti al Nero con ragu di moscardini (Black spaghetti with ragu from octopus).

Delicious! 🐙🍝

The extra point is that SPAGHETTERIA is the only place we could find Ichnusa Beer (from Sardinia) which is our favourite.

Enjoy and let us know if you like it!

Go Pasta😋✌️

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