The Best Food Tour in Amsterdam

If you follow our Blog, you might know that we really love Food! Since we moved to Amsterdam last year, we wanted to try the authentic Dutch food recommended by the local people.

This is sponsored post by Triple which offered us this great opportunity to join Food Tour in Amsterdam and share the experience with you.

best food tour in amsterdam


And we found the Best Food Tour in Amsterdam which gave us the real insight to the Dutch cuisine.

Do you want to know more? Read below…

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For us, the Best Food Tour in Amsterdam was with a local guide Benardo. Benardo offers Food Tours trough Triple and you can book the same Food Tour like we did, right HERE!

More About Triple 

Triple is a marketplace for social travelling and we really like the concept. They are all travellers and explores and the idea behind this agency was to connect curious travellers with local hosts. Actually, anyone can become a host in their city and host experience for travellers. When you book a tour with Triple, you can be sure that you will have a local guide and you will experience the city as a local.

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Our Local Guide

best food tour in amsterdam

As mentioned, our local guide was Benardo and he was really amazing. He was born in Amsterdam and he is really passionate about food, especially about street food. He likes travelling and exploring new places and food. When you meet him, you can really say that he likes tasting different types of cuisine and he is very passionate to share his experience with other people and show them the secrets of the Amsterdam Food scene.

More about Best Street Food in Europe Here.

Check this Travel and Food Guide for the Netherlands to find out more:


During this Amsterdam Tour, you will taste local Dutch food and also learn something about the history of the cuisine in the Netherlands. You will also see some recommended restaurants and some eldest shops in Amsterdam.

The Food Tour in Amsterdam includes 6 Dutch snacks (sample) + 1 drink. The price per person is 15 EUR and you can easily book the tour HERE.

More info about Amsterdam City card right here!

best food tour in amsterdam

Where is the Meeting point?

The Meeting point for the tour is in the city centre at the Dam square under the National Monument. Click HERE to see the exact location. When you book the food tour, you can easily contact your local guide and arrange the meeting point or specify the exact location. You can also ask additional questions before you go on the tour.

best food tour in amsterdam
Meeting point

1. Chocolate

The first stop of our food tour was in Metropolitan Pastry shop.

best food tour in amsterdam

Location: Warmoesstraat 135A, 1012 JB Amsterdam

This place is famous for the purest chocolate and the best ice cream. They offer many homemade products like Nutella or Cocoa Beer. During the tour, Benardo explained the history of chocolate and he mentioned that Amsterdam Port is the world’s largest import port for cocoa.

best food tour in amsterdam
Cacao Beer

The owner of Metropolitan shop actually wrote Chocolate Bible where he explains different ways of making chocolate at home and provides with many chocolate recipes. There is a possibility to buy the book at his website HERE.

best food tour in amsterdam
Chocolate Bible

What we tasted? yeah of course chocolate:)

We were given Dutch pancakes Poffertjes with homemade Nutella, delicious!

best food tour in amsterdam
Poffertjes with Nutella

The best part came at the end of this visit, and it was to Sniff the Cacao. It was quite funny as you really sniff cacao which supposed to intensive the flavour of the food. Definitely, something you should try!

best food tour in amsterdam
Sniff the Cacao!

2. Cheese

Dutch cheese is well-known around the world. We visited the Henri Willig Cheese Farm store in Warmoesstraat.

best food tour in amsterdam
Cheese shop

Henri Willig has actually a long history in producing cheese in the Netherlands. He keeps producing traditional cheese dairies for over 40 years. He was raised in a dairy farm and when he grew up he had an idea to make cheese himself.

He was able to develop his farm into a popular tourist attraction as he welcomes millions of visitors in his own shops and farms. He also exports his delicious cheese to over 30 countries.

 Henri Willig Cheese Farm store

You can visit his cheese farms, do cheese tasting and more, more info here.

During the tour, we have been explained the history of making cheese and how Henri Willig started his farm and what is the production process of the cheese. It was great to get some additional information about cheese in the Netherlands.

We tasted different types of cheese, our favourite was definitely Cheese with Truffle.

best food tour in amsterdam

You can also buy directly cheese in the shop after you tasted all different kind of cheese, you can choose the right one for you.

The one funny thing was that Benardo informed us that everyone thinks that Gouda cheese (the type of cheese Henri Willing is producing, round and yellow shape) was produced in Gouda city in the Netherlands. The name Gouda city is actually because of the famous cheese market:)

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best food tour in amsterdam

3. Herring

Herring is a popular Dutch delicatessen and it had played important role in the history of marine fisheries in Europe.

best food tour in amsterdam
Raw Herring

In the Netherlands, you will normally eat raw herring. We can say that it is not really raw as it has been frozen and preserved in salt for a couple of days so it is not really raw.

It is usually served with pickles and onion and it something you should definitely try for its interesting taste.

best food tour in amsterdam

‘Hollandse Nieuwe’ (Holland New herring) is the new fish which is caught only during the specific time from spring to the beginning of summer. During this period herring has more fat as they are getting ready to leave eggs.

The first fish (new herring) is sold at the market where the first barrel is officially auctioned to raise money for the charity. It’s a big celebration which can be seen around mid-June.

best food tour in amsterdam

4. Stroopwafels

Stroopwafels were first made in Gouda city (remember Gouda cheese vs Gouda city:)) during the 18th century. It is basically delicious waffles with caramel syrup in the middle of two thin layers of baked dough.

best food tour in amsterdam

It is very popular in the Netherlands and its a classic souvenir I bring to my family when I go back to Prague, everyone loves it!

During the Food Tour, we visited one of the oldest Stroopwafels shops Van Wonderen Stroopwafels.  The location is very centric at the Kalverstraat 190.

best food tour in amsterdam

When you are around, you definitely recognize the smell of Stroopwafels, it smells so good that it is inviting you to visit the shop.

Shop NOW for Stroopwafels

5. Belgian Fries

If you were looking for the best fries in Amsterdam, Vlaams Vleminckx is the number one in Amsterdam. You will recognize it as there is always a huge line to get these amazing fries.

Located at Voetboogstraat 33 in the heart of the city.

best food tour in amsterdam

The place is also famous for its sauces as they offer 28 different types of sauces you can add as topping to your fries.

best food tour in amsterdam

If you want to add chicken to these amazing fries, there is a restaurant just a few meters away The Chicken Bar. They serve the fries from the shop and 1/2 chicken for 15.50 EUR.

6. Bitterballen

We finished the food tour in a nice bar eating popular Dutch snack Bitterballen. It consists of a mixture of beef or veal, beef broth, flour, parsley, salt and pepper.

It is best to serve with a cold beer and with a bowl of mustard for dipping.

best food tour in amsterdam


Overall, we really loved the food tour with Benardo as we not only tasted the typical Dutch snacks but we also learned about the food history and culture in the Netherlands.

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We would recommend this tour to anybody who likes to discover new types of cuisine and learn something about the history of the food from local people.

Read more about other Must Try Dutch Treats to make sure you don’t miss anything.

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If you are coming to Amsterdam, enjoy a unique experience with a local photographer who will take your best shots, you can always keep these photos as a memory of visiting this beautiful city.

Vacation Photographers in Amsterdam

We loved it!

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best food tour in amsterdam

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