Our Personal Food Guide in Rome

Our Personal Rome Food Guide is ready for you!

If you ever visited Rome, we are sure you are thinking the same. Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe for its culture, history, food and Roman people.
rome food
Rome, being the capital of Italy, of course, bring many tourists and together with street traffic and public transport, sometimes you might feel a bit overwhelmed. However, we have visited Rome many times and it is always a pleasure to be here.
***Spanish version below***
rome food
This time we would like to share with you our personal food guide in Rome and what to eat in this amazing city.
Before you explore this city further, check this guide on tipping in Rome.
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There are so many things to do and eat in Rome that we choose the most interesting and delicious food which you should not miss while visiting Rome. You can also see this Rome Attractions Map for more.

rome foodBreakfast in Rome

Everything starts with a great breakfast! Italian breakfast is the best with a delicious croissant (cornetto) usually with jam and great Italian coffee.
rome food
Like in every part of Italy, you will find many bars and cafes in Rome offering breakfast. Here is what you have to try in Rome.
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I Maritozzi
These delicious treats are one of the few sweet classics of the old Roman cookbook. It is a bun (brioche) filled with whipped cream that you will find in all Cafes in Rome.
rome food
Pasticceria Romoli and Pasticceria Regoli are two of the most famous bakeries where you can taste these delicious buns. However, you can go to any bakery (i Forni) and find these delicious treats.
If you are in the Campo Dei Fiori neighbourhood, go to Il Fornaio bakeryHere we had a pleasure to taste Neapolitan sfogliatella (typical of the Neapolitan tradition) which you should definitely not miss.

Lunch in Rome

There are plenty of options for lunch in Rome. Probably you already walked a few kilometres around the city and you are looking for something to eat.
There are two options, you can eat a big lunch like pizza or pasta or just something light and quick which still give you the opportunity to continue discovering this amazing city.
We recommend the second option and then enjoy a big dinner with calm. Here are our recommendations.
Panino with Porchetta (Porchetta sandwich)
The origin of this dish is divided between Ariccia (Castelli Romani) and Norcia (Umbria). Pannino with Porchetta is a homemade bread sandwich filled with slow-cooked pork that is deboned and flavoured with herbs and spices.
rome foodIn Rome and in the Lazio region, Ariccia is popular for the fact that all foodies have to try Porchetta sandwich at least once in a lifetime. It is also a beautiful place to visit and explore more.
In Rome, you will find several places where they have these incredible sandwiches.
We personally recommend these two places:
Er Buchetto – with more than 110 years of history, it is a popular place in Rome and the owner will treat you as if you are from his own family (even if at the beginning he might seem a bit strange).
rome foodAngrypig Birretta and Porchetta – you will find this small place near the Vatican so it is a nice stop during your day.
Suppli di Riso (Rice Croquette)
Suppli di Riso it is a very popular dish in Rome. It is a kind of rice croquette with mozzarella cheese melted in the middle.  The most classic suppli di riso is made of rice with tomato although now they also make other flavours.
Another dish of the Roman tradition when the leftover rice was used to make these delicious rice croquettes. I assure you that they are a true delight and another must try in Rome.
food guide rome
Basically, all the best restaurants and pizzerias in Rome offer this dish, however, if you want to go to the place where they focus only on suppli di riso, go to Supplizio.
This place was recommended by friends and we were very unlucky when we went there, as the place was temporarily closed for small construction work. Nevermind, our friends from Rome assure us that this is the place to try suppli di riso.

Snack in Rome

Still hungry? There is always time for a snack in Rome and the opportunity to taste another delicious and authentic Roman food.
rome foodForno Pizza
Another classic dish of the Roman tradition which you have to try. Locals love this flat and elongated pizza dough, just delicious.
Among the most famous and our personal recommendation for best forno pizza in Rome are these places: Forno Campo dei Fiori, Antico Forno Roscioli and Panificio Bonci.
Fiori di Zucca (Stuffed Courgette Flowers)
Classic street food of the Roman culture that you can find in the small places and also in the most luxurious restaurants in Rome.
It is stuffed courgette flower with mozzarella and anchovies (the classic version) and breaded with a crunchy dough (Pastella).
Il Cartoccio is one of the most famous places where they serve this delight.
We also went to the famous restaurant in Rome Roscioli Salumeria where we tried courgette flowers stuffed with Roman oxtail stews and peppered white cheese fondue, delicious!

rome foodDinner in Rome

Where to eat dinner in Rome?
There are plenty of possibilities to enjoy the classic Italian food like Pasta Carbonara, Amatriciana, Pasta Alla Gricia or Pasta Cacio e Pepe.
rome foodThe famous Roman food like the Tripe (cow stomach), the Ox-tail stew, fried artichokes, Saltimbocca Alla Romana (veal topped with prosciutto crudo and sage, then marinated with white wine) or Abbacchio Scottadito (grilled lamb cutlets).
Tip: Read more about How to see Rome in 4 days.
There are a number of classic restaurants (Osteria) to eat these fantastic dishes so the best thing you can do is to ask a local person.  The locals living in Rome know the best where to eat these traditional Roman dishes and they can recommend you some places outside of the tourist areas.
We can recommend you the Salumeria Roscioli restaurant famous for the best Pasta Carbonara in Rome, it is really delicious!
rome foodWe made Pasta Carbonara at home, check our blog post with a homemade recipe so you can easily prepare this delicious Italian recipe at home!
rome food
Another great place is La Campana restaurant, the oldest restaurant in Rome. You will find here all traditional Roman dishes with homemade pasta, tripe, ox-tail stew, artichokes and more.
Tasting food and discovering new cultures is our passion, so please feel free to comment below with your favourite places in Rome.
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food guide rome
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Food Tour in Rome
If you are coming to Rome for the first time and you don’t want to search for the specific Roman food, the good option can be also to book a Food Tour. There are many options for you, but we recommend  Testaccio Supper stroll: Tasty Trends. Our friends did this tour and they really liked it.
You will discover all hidden spots and restaurants in Rome with a local guide and you will get away from touristic areas so you can really enjoy the tour.

Twilight Testaccio

Another option is to book the Gourmet Food Tour in Rome and explore this city with a local guide!
food guide rome
***version en Espanol***

Lo imprescindible en la capital de Italia!

Claro que si. Quien ya estuve en Roma cuenta que esta ciudad es una maravilla ya que a nivel cultural es una de las hermosas ciudad de Europa y del mundo y nosotros pensamos lo mismo.

A veces debido al tráfico, a los transporte que funcionan (cuando quieren) y a la mareas de turistas se suele escuchar de esta ciudad cosas no muy bonitas, sin embargo no es la primera vez que visitamos Roma y además de considerarla un museo a cielo abierto increíble es un lugar increíble perfecto para disfrutar de buena comida y conocer sus abitantes que son siempre bastante majos y ospitales.

Claro os escribí imprescindible porque la cultura gastronómica de esta región es muy amplia y podría ser imposible degustar todo el recetario en pocos días, así que os voy a elencar algunas cosas de interesante para disfrutar en pleno esta hermosa ciudad

Colazione: Desayuno

Como si no, empezar con un buen desayuno a la italiana , croissant (cornetto) y cafe es siempre la mejor opción si se visita Italia , hay un montón de bares y cafetería que ofrecen desayunos a precios bastantes onestos.

Ya que estais en Roma tenéis absolutamente que probar

I Maritozzi

Estos postres son unos de los pocos clásicos dulces del antiguo recetario Romano.

Se trata de un bollo (tipo pan de brioche) relleno de nata montada que vais a ver en todas las cafeterías y os harán alegrar la mañana (os lo aseguro ).

Donde comerlos:

  • Pasticceria Romoli y Pasticceria Regoli son dos de las mas famosas pastelerías donde degustar estos buenísimos bollos.
  • Si quereis en Roma hay un montón de panaderías (i Forni) donde podéis encontrar mas que una delicia , os recomiendo si estais en zona Campo dei fiori Il fornaio, aquí comí una sfogliatella napolitana ( dulce tipico de la tradición napolitana )que aun me hace babear 🤤.

Pranzo: Comida

Imagino que después de una larga vuelta por esta hermosa ciudad estais hambrientos y justo en este punto tenéis dos opciones : comer hasta reventar o comer algúna cosa denominada fast food mas ligerita y seguir el tour por la Ciudad, yo si fuera en vosotros eligeria los segundo siempre teniendo en cuenta que podéis disfrutar de la cena con calma 🤪.

Hay varias opciones:

Panino con la porchetta

La Origen de este plato se divide entre Ariccia (Castelli romani ) y Norcia (Umbría) y se trata de un bocadillo de pan casero relleno de carne de cerdo cocida lentamente que viene deshuesado y aromatizado con hierbas y especias.

Claramente en Roma y en toda la region de Lazio la de Ariccia es un emblema que todos Gourmets tienen que probar por lo menos una vez en a vida y si teneis tiempo os aconsejo hacer una escursion por hay .

Donde comer:
  • En la Capital podéis encontrar varios sitios donde tienen estos increíbles bocadillos , yo personalmente os recomiendo Er BuchettoyAngrypig birreta y porchetta.
  • El primero con mas de 110 años de historias es todo una institución en Roma y su dueño aunque se al principio pueda parecer un poco peculiar os tratará como si estais en vuestra , y el segundo lo vais a encontrar cerca del Vaticano asi que ya sabéis donde parar si estais en esa zona .

Suppli di riso

Son todo una institución en Roma y se trata de un especie de croqueta de arroz con mozzarella fundida en el medio. Lo mas classicos están hechos de arroz con tomate aunque ahora lo hacen tambien con otros sabores.

Otro plato de la tradición pobre romana donde se usaba el arroz que quedaba del dia anterior para no tirar nada ,os aseguro que son una verdadera delicia .

Donde comer:
  • Se pueden degustar en todas las Osterias y mas famosas pizzerías de Roma pero si quieres un sitio que se concentre solo en esto producto teneis que ir al Supplizio , me lo recomendaron amigos de la ciudad y por muy mala suerte cuando pase estaban arreglando la entrada asi que estaba momentáneamente cerrado, será por la próxima o vosotros me vais a contar que os parece el sitio 🤪😜.

Merenda: Merienda

La pizza de forno

Otro clásico de la tradición romana al cual lo ciudadanos de la capital van literalmente locos. Se trata de una masa de pizza plana y alargada que esta deliciosa .

Donde comer:

Fiori di zucca

Clásico street food de la cultura Romana que podéis encontrar sea en la freiduras mas asequibles que en los mas lujosos restaurantes. Se trata de la flor del calabacín relleno de mozzarella y anchoas (el clásico) y empanado con una masa crujiente (la pastella).

Donde comer:
  • Il cartoccio es uno de lo sitios mas famosos donde sirven esta delicia, probé también uno en la famosa salumeria roscioli que estaba relleno de coda a la vacunara ( como si fuera el rabo de toro en versión romana ).

Cena: Cena

En esta ciudad teneis un montón de posibilidades para disfrutar de la clásica comida de Italia , desde pasta la Carbonara , Amatriciana , Gricia o cacio e pepe pasando por la trippa a la romana (callos) , la coda a la vaccinara (rabo) , o i carciofi a la guidia(alcachofa frita) y llegando al segundo con unos saltimbocca allá romana( ternera con una loncha de jamón y salvia) o un Abacchio scottadito (costillas de cordero).

Donde comer:

Hay un monto de restaurantes classicos (Osteria) donde comer estos fantásticos platos asi que lo mejor que podéis hacer es preguntar a algún local en base a la zona que os encontráis y seguramente no os quedareis defraudados porque si evitáis lo turístico no quedareis defraudados.

  • Si estáis buscando una de las mejores carbonaras de la ciudad podéis ir a la Salumeria roscioli, yo la probé personalmente y os puedo asegurar que está buenísima.

rome food


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