Pastai – New Hidden Gem of Italian restaurants in Amsterdam

If you are a Pasta lover, this post is definitely for you.

We will introduce you a new hidden gem of Italian restaurants in Amsterdam-Pastai restaurant which serves absolutely delicious fresh pasta.

Black Pastai sign on the restaurant wall
Pastai hidden gem of Italian restaurants in Amsterdam

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As Simone is Italian, he is eating pasta almost every day and as you can imagine, pasta is a very important meal for Italians. I would say mainly the preparation of the pasta is crucial.

To make sure that you prepare the pasta the Italian way, we recommend this unique Italian home cooking bible Silver Spoon which features over 2000 recipes.


To be honest, being from Prague, I was not exactly raised in Italian culture and the importance of pasta in everyday life. For me, it was a simple dish which fills you up and it is fast to cook.

Now I know, that I did not really understand the whole fuss about fresh pasta until I met Simone and he cooked for me Spaghetti Carbonara on our first date. You can read more about how he conquered my heart with that dish.

pasta carbonara recipe

Since that day, I fell in love with all pasta dishes (also with Simone hehe) and we continue our search for great Italian restaurants around the world.

We can imagine that by reading this post you like Italian food so if you want to buy quality products directly from Italy, check out our post about Chiara’s food in Amsterdam.

This time, we introduce you to the new hidden gem of Italian restaurants in Amsterdam, Pastai.

Board from board with pastai sign on it and two sandwiches
Love, Live, Eat


Pastai Amsterdam

Pastai is a very cool Pasta bar located in the west of Amsterdam, just a few minutes walk from Vondelpark and Foodhallen.

big table and chairs and products on the wall of the restaurant

This project was launched over one year ago by 3 Italian partners. The opening of Pastai was a part of their dream as they wanted to introduce delicious and freshly made pasta to the customers in Amsterdam.

For sure if you live in Amsterdam, you might have your favourite Italian restaurants with great food, however, Pastai, is a new rising star in the quality of the food with delicious fresh pasta.


Pastai offers modern decoration with a variety of tables to share or individual tables for more romantic dinners.  There is also a small terrace outside if you like to enjoy your dinner outdoors during summertime.

big picture o man eating pasta on the wall
Modern decoration in Pastai

Pastai Menu

The Menu is particular as it is very short and simple. It is changed every week with different pasta dishes, but usually, it consists of 3 starters, 6 pasta dishes and two desserts, just great!

We should probably mention that if you want pizza or any other Italian classic dish except pasta, then this restaurant is not for you.

When you enter the restaurant, on the right side you can also find some of the products exposed so you can buy it and prepare a pasta dish at home.

wall with products
Italian products to buy

All dished in Pastai were just delicious, pasta al dente and homemade tiramisu so we have fully enjoyed our dinner.

Dinner in the dark in Amsterdam! We lived this unique experience in Barcelona and it was something amazing and unexpected. You should definitely try to have dinner in total darkness when you have no idea what you are eating or drinking.

Our dinner 

We had to start with two Aperol Spritz as aperitive.

We continued with a very good Burrata and Friselline al Pomodoro.

Italian cheese burrata and toasts with tomatoes
Burrata and Friselline al Pomodoro

After we opted-in for two very tasty pasta dishes. Pappardelle with veal ragu, and Tagliatelle al Nereo with bluefin tuna and stracciatella.

pasta dish with veal ragu
Pappardelle with Veal Ragu
pasta dish with tuna and cheese
Tagliatelle al Nereo with bluefin tuna and stracciatella

For dessert, homemade tiramisu which was just delicious (especially when you feel a lot the coffee taste).

dessert in pot covered by chocolate
Homemade Tiramisu

Our Conclusion

We loved it and we totally recommend it!

If you want to eat pasta in Amsterdam, this is a place to go.

We definitely need to come back and remember, every week there is a new menu so you won’t eat the same dish.

What is your favourite Italian restaurant in Amsterdam?

Feel free to comment below or contact us through email with your hidden gems for Italian food. We are always happy to discover new places where to eat.

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*** version en Espanol***

¿Os gusta la pasta ?

¿Estais de vacaciones o vivís en Amsterdam y quereis comer una buena pasta fresca? ¿No sabeis donde ir a cenar y no queréis gastar una fortuna?

A todas estas preguntas tengo una sola contestación y se llama Pastai Amsterdam.

Se trata de un Pasta bar muy chulo, en el Oeste de la ciudad que se encuentra a pocos minutos andando de Vondelpark y de Foodhallen.

Este proyecto tiene ya poco mas de un año de vida y hace parte de sueño de tres socios italianos (como si no 🤪) que quieren traer el plato por excelencia Italiano en las mesas de la Capital Holandesa.

Claro seguro lo que viven en esta ciudad estarías pensando que conocéis otros rincones de pasta sin embargo esto hasta hora en calidad precio lo tiene todo para ser el mejor o entre de los mejores de Amsterdam.

Si os interesa la cocina Italiana y queréis comprar producto de calidad directamente de Italia a Amsterdam, mirad este post sobre CHIARAFOOD.

Como ya os dicho, el local es muy chulo, decoración muy sobria y bonita en su interior, tienen diferentes tipos de mesas para todo tipo de clientela de taburete vista cocina, mesones para compartir, mesitas individuales para cenas más romántica y hasta llegando a una pequeña terraza exterior si os gusta disfrutar de vuestra cena al aire libre.


La carta se va cambiando todas las semanas con propuestas de pasta diferentes y no es muy larga (me encantan la cartas cortitas bien estructuradas), 3 entrantes , 6 pastas y dos postres, ¿ y para que queren mas ? 😜

La verdad que la comida esta muy rica e sabrosa y hemos disfrutado a pleno la oferta que tienen y gracias a dios la pasta al dente como tiene que ser.

En la pared en la derecha tienen sus productos expuestos y me parece una buena idea de proponer si te gusta te lo puedes llevar y comer en casa sin problema.

Dicho esto ahora os voy a mostrar lo que hemos comido.

Empezamos con dos Aperol Spritz.

Seguimos con una burratina muy buena y Friselline al pomodoro.

Seguimos con dos diferente pastas muy ricas. Papardelle con ragú de ternera y Tagliatelle al Nereo con atún rojo y straciatella.

De postre un tiramisu también muy bueno (personalmente me encanta cuando esta bien cargado de café)

La verdad que lo recomendamos totalmente, y no vemos la hora de volver a probar nuevas propuestas de pasta 🍝 y sus delicias.

Si os apetece este sitio o os quereis recomendar otros no dudéis en escribirnos aqui abajo o en nuestra email, os volveremos a contestar en cuanto podemos .

Síganos para obtener cada semana interesantes consejos de viajes en los lugares que visitamos, recetas de cocina fáciles y resultonas y reseñas de restaurantes que hemos probado y nos han gustado.

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